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Wire Rope

lifting and safety equipment -  wire rope

Wire ropes are widely used, of course, in lifting as slings, on cranes and winches and we are a well known supplier in that field. There are also many non-lifting applications in general industry, leisure activities, particularly sailing and for use as control cables.

Because steel wire rope control cables tend to be specified in order to meet the many different requirements, there is no standard chart of diameters and breaking loads.

lifting equipment - steel cableAmong numerous industrial uses, stainless steel wire ropes are used as control cables either from our standard range as shown or specifically manufactured to customer specification.

Your requirements may be covered within our standard wire rope ranges or within the yacht rope range if using stainless steel.

We can, however, supply to your own particular specification, including alternative constructions, diameters and tensile strengths in galvanised, ungalvanised or stainless steel (inc AISI 304).Cables covered in pvc, polypropelene or nylon also supplied, in various colours. We welcome your enquiries.

Stainless steel strand and wire ropes. (AISI 316)

Stainless steel wire ropes are widely used in applications where resistance to corrosion is important.In the leisure activity of sailing,for example,wire ropes made from stainless steel are used for running rigging (7x19 construction) and standing rigging (1x19 and 7x7).

marine rigging and lashing
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